Tuesday, 2 September 2014


Hello my lovelies,

As some of you may have realised from my absence, or perhaps you follow me on either Twitter, Instagram or Tumblr, I'm currently on hiatus from blogging.

This is due to a mixture of things, it started out as me dealing with some personal issues with my body which I have still not really recovered from, although it comes in waves, some days are a struggle whereas others not so bad. Secondly, I am in the midst of writing/researching my dissertation and fitting this in whilst working. I really don't want to be wasting any time blogging when I could be improving my dissertation and eventually be getting the degree I've been working hard towards for the last three years.

I can't really say when or whether I will come back to blogging at all, but in the meantime you can catch me over on all my other social media accounts between me waiting tables, reading endless books and watching documentaries.

Toots x

Friday, 16 May 2014


I thought I would do something a little different today to break up the block of outfit and lingerie posts by posting my Top 5 pieces, specifically, lingerie pieces! These are absolute staples in my lingerie drawer (I saw drawer, I really mean fancy weaved storage boxes in my wardrobe since it's the only place I can fit it all). There is something for every pocket in here too, although you could consider these luxury items.

Saturday, 29 March 2014



We all know how I feel about gingham. And how I feel about pink. So this cute little dress was the perfect combination! It was bought on eBay for a teeny tiny price, it fits a little weirdly on top but I still adore it. It is definitely a summer dress with it's thin cotton, so hopefully it gets warmer here in London.

I can't believe I'm coming to the end of my second week off from uni and I feel like I've not done anything! This week however was a little more productive than last as Thursday was spent at the Pelham Hotel doing the "Jolly Afternoon Tea" with Shaun. It was a really unconventional afternoon tea, I bought the experience as a Valentine's Day gift to him in lieu of the usual bottle of whiskey to give him something different! We had a really nice time, instead of little finger sandwiches and macaroons or tarts there was mini fish and chips, mini cheeseburgers and B-52 jelly shots! And today I have been organising myself for Mothers Day, which for me having a step-mum and a mum is proving to have a fair bit of prep!

Hopefully you're all having a nice weekend so far, and Happy Mothers Day to any of my yummy mummy readers (if I have any - make yourself known if you are!!)

Toots x